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The benefit of through frame cables

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Through-frame cables on an aero bike offer several benefits that can enhance both the bike's aerodynamics and overall performance. Aero bikes are designed with reduced air resistance in mind, and through-frame cable routing is one of the features that contribute to achieving this goal. Here are some of the advantages of through-frame cables on an aero bike:

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1. Improved aerodynamics: Through-frame cable routing minimizes the exposure of cables and housing to the wind, reducing drag and optimizing the bike's aerodynamic profile. By hiding the cables inside the frame, there are fewer disruptions to the airflow around the bike, resulting in faster and more efficient riding.

2. Sleeker appearance: With cables running inside the frame, the external appearance of the bike becomes cleaner and more streamlined. This not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the bike.

3. Reduced cable friction: Internal cable routing can reduce cable friction compared to external routing. Reduced friction means smoother shifting and braking, which can lead to better performance and more precise control over the bike.

4. Protection from elements: By running cables internally, they are better protected from the elements such as rain, mud, and debris. This can lead to improved cable lifespan

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Clean cable free lines

and reduced maintenance needs.

5. Enhanced rider comfort: Through-frame cable routing can help prevent cables from rattling or vibrating, which may create unwanted noise and discomfort for the rider during the ride. A quieter and more stable ride can improve the overall riding experience.

6. Easier cleaning and maintenance: Internal cable routing makes it easier to clean the bike since there are fewer exposed areas where dirt can accumulate. Additionally, maintenance becomes less complicated, as the internal routing can prevent dirt and grime from affecting cable performance.

7. Compatibility with electronic shifting systems: Many modern aero bikes are designed to accommodate electronic shifting systems, and through-frame cable routing is ideal for such setups. Internal cable routing can keep electronic cables concealed and protected, ensuring optimal functionality.

It's worth noting that while through-frame cable routing offers these benefits, it may require a bit more effort during initial setup and maintenance compared to external cable routing. However, the overall advantages, particularly in terms of aerodynamics and appearance, are often considered worthwhile for riders seeking optimal performance in competitive cycling or other high-speed scenarios.

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