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ELVES BIKES Sizing Chart


Please note: Due to the nature of the raked tube and the slammed bars of the FALATH EVO, the standover height is slightly taller than other bikes. Please consult the chart below for additional sizing guidance. If this is an issue, please go down one size and compensate the reach with a slightly longer handlebar stem.


We recommend that you use BIKE INSIGHT to assess your current bike against your new Elves bike. It allows you to overlay your current bike against all Elves Frames and make a real-life comparison. Here is the link:


Between sizes? If you find yourself fitting two sizes, then effectively both sizes will be suitable. The key metric is the reach, or how long the bike feels when you are in the riding position. Your reach is influenced by your upper body length. If your upper body length is longer than usual then you may want to consider the larger frame, if it is shorter than usual, then the smaller frame may be more appropriate for you.

Actual standover.jpeg

Falath Evo Actual inside leg length

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